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New photos

Inside the bell tower

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Inside the bell tower | bell tower, stairs, door
Author: gkpmvwf

Palms on the beach

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Palms on the beach | beach, palm, sea, clouds
Tags: beach, palm, sea, clouds
Author: eremka

The old castle

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The old castle | castle , creek, sea, hill
Tags: castle , creek, sea, hill

Swimming pool in heaven

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Swimming pool in heaven | heaven, swimming pool, water, flowers
Author: AlllenAlex

Red dusk and river

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Red dusk and river | river, dusk, sky, water
Tags: river, dusk, sky, water
Author: Sturmovichs

Salute reflecting in the river

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Salute reflecting in the river | reflection, salute, river, old city
Author: s-ershov
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